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Hana Machinery which is nearing its 20th anniversary will reform
all of its systems so it can successfully celebrate its 50th anniversary in the future.
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Hana Machinery will expand its processing line and factory
by reinvesting most of its revenue to offer service faster and more accurately than any other company out there.

Also, by making the best products through continuous research and development,
maximizing productivity through our efficient facilities and production system and carrying our strict quality control processes,
we will strive to become a more reliable and competitive company that contributes to the society.

We want to thank all the customers who have supported us over the years
and we promise you that we will be your reliable partner in the years to come.
Thank you.

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Development of the Best Products
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Enhanced Efficiency of Facilities and Production System
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Maximization of Productivity
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Top Quality

R & D

Established as a material cutting company, Hana Machinery has expanded into a company that also processes and manufacture goods.
Handling every process from design to analysis for improving processing quality and after-sales technical service, Hana Machinery continuous invests in R&D and strives to provide the most satisfying products to its customers.